Manufacturing process of the Dice

Manufacturing process of the Dice

Dice is the oldest known gaming device that has been used for a variety of purposes. Used for some board games, dice are used in astrology and gambling as well. Dice has a history as old as 5000 years and has been found in the excavation of civilisations like the Egyptian civilisation and Chinese civilisation. Initially started as four-sideddice, today we can see dice that even has 100 sides. A device that has entertained the humanity for thousands of year has an exciting manufacturing process. Originally made from bones and marbles, let’s discover how a dice is manufactured today?

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What materials are used?

Modern-daydice is made from plastic. The plastic needs to be hard, with above average impact strength. It should be stable in heat and can be coloured easily. For better results, the plastic itself should be colourless and transparent. Some of the examples of plastic that meet these requirements are PMMA and thermoset plastic. The plastic is required to be neutral so that it can be coloured later on to meet desired specifications. Some dying agent or polymers are mixed at the time of the manufacturing process to make dice of the required colour. To increase the quality and durability of thedice, many other substances are combined with the plastic. Thedice manufacturing process for the standard and casinodice is different.

How is a Dice manufactured?

Dice is manufactured in two ways. The regular gaming dice are produced through the plastic injection process, and the casino or gamblingdice are created through a different and more complicated process. In the chemical injection process, heated plastic is poured into moulds to give them specific shapes. The image is cooled instantly so that the plastic sets immediately. For regulardice making plastic is mixed with various other substances and colouring agents and put in a bin called as a hopper. The plastic is then heated and passed through the moulds. The moulds not only give the dice its shape but also mark indents. The image is cooled, and the dice is ejected out.  The dice are then printed, polished and cleared of any imperfections.

How is it manufactured?

Casinodice need to be made entirely. The gamingdice that is manufactured for board games is a bit rounded. The rounding and the indents sometimes do not provide the required accuracy for casino games. Hence the casinodice are made differently. The indents are not moulded but are drilled. They are then filled with coloured material. The dyed element should have the same density as the material. The casinodice need to follow some state laws during the manufacturing process. All this is done to prevent low rolling of the dice. Thedice manufacturing process also requires passing rigorous quality control. The quality of the raw material is checked at the start of the process only. The article should have all the desirable properties required of thedice. Once the dice is found to meet all specifications, it is packaged and shipped.

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