Some info about Jackpots – New Casino UK

If you really like big casino winnings, it’s jackpots you would want to win. Jackpot winnings are often worth millions; and the biggest jackpot ever won was a sum of more than 20 million dollars! For those who are looking to play jackpot slots, we also recommend that you read our free spins guide.

Fixed and progressive jackpots

There are fixed jackpots and there are progressive jackpots. Some slots have solid jackpots that can give you several million in profit, but as a rule it’s the progressive jackpots to aim for if you want to get really rich!


A progressive jackpot is built up by a percentage of each bet on casino 2018. For some slots there is a single percentage that goes to the jackpot. For others it is about  3-4 %. The higher the percentage, the faster the jackpot grows. There are different designs for how the jackpot money is stacked together. Some jackpots are pooled between several casinos; while others are specific to a particular casino. Some jackpots apply only to a slot while others are pooled between multiple slots from the same game developer.

The biggest jackpot winners through the years?

There are two players in the world who have won more than the equivalent of $ 100 million on a jackpot slot online. Both come from the Nordic countries. In January 2013, a Finnish player won 17.8 million euros on Mega Fortune (20 million dollars). This was the Guiness world record for biggest jackpot-win; and it was the online casino PAF who received the honor to pay that win. It is by far the highest win so far online at any casino online, and PAF actually got an official Guinness World Record nomination for the win.

Number two on the list is a Norwegian who won 11.7 million euros in September 2011; also on Mega Fortune. This time it was Betsson who opened their big wallet.

NetEnt – The moneymaker

Net Entertainment jackpot slots are the slots who pays out the highest amounts of money. Net Entertainment also holds third place with its video slot Arabian Nights. In November 2012, a Finnish player won 8.6 million euros (About 10 million US dollars) on Arabian Nights. One special bit with that jackpot; was that it was specific to Paf Casino.